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Alpha & Omega - Genial GmbH is a family company.

I, Markus Wehner, am married to Doina and we are parents of Joel, Nathanael and Elias.
I have collected valuable experience through many years of working with people of different cultures. By adapting to the different ethnical groups, I was accepted and considerable cultural background information was revealed to me, which often remains hidden to tourists.

After my apprenticeship as confectionist, I specialised further in the field of confectionery. In my everyday professional life I have gathered extensive knowledge of couverture (chocolate) in connection with temperature, other raw materials and different influences by attending specialised courses and reading specialised literature.
The theoretical knowledge I gained from courses, trainings and literature have only became of use after being integrated with practical experience. Tasks such as coaching individual persons, leading leisure or project groups are possible based on years of experience in the fields of: integrated care, team building, presentations and PR material, infrastructure and administration.

My family compliments my work and is my inspiration. Both, in private and professionally we are a strong team. As familiy we enjoy confectioneries under the motto "quality before quantity".

Manager: Markus Wehner
Quality and Creativity for all ages.
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